Company Information

Massage from CEO

We will create new products and concepts and meet your needs.
We will continue to have a venture spirit that is not bound by preconceived concepts,
and will challenge what seems impossible.
We believe that moving forward to show the significance of our existence
will contribute to society.

How is the way of molding?How is the cost balance?How is the PMDA?How is the schedule?

We embody the abstract ideas (or work problem)
in your head.

We make your ideas visible by using 2D,3D or CAD drawing.We suggest  all of PMDA, ISO compliant, schedule and cost.


  • ・We will contribute to society through the design, development and sale of medical devices
  • ・We will focus on employee education, grow together, and become a company where everyone can feel happy.

Management Policy

We will solve customers’ concerns by considering “sympathy, quality and cost balance, added value and significance of existence”.

Quality policy

We comply with various laws and regulations related to manufacturing and quality, and provide our customers with high-quality products that meet the requirements.

  • ・Compliance with the PMD Act
  • ・QMS, ISO13485 compliant product manufacturing
  • ・Quality improvement

Company profile

SHOJU BUILDING 6F 2-15, Honcho-5,
Funabashi-city, Chiba-pref, 273-0005 Japan
+81-47-455-3564 / +81-47-455-3565
President & CEO:
Katsuya Taguchi
Financial result month:
September(Closing month)
Business content:
Design and sale of various products
Selling and Leasing Operations for Specially-Controlled Medical Devices
ISO13485:2016 Certificated
First-class marketing licensed for medical device
Sousaku Medical Co., Ltd. established
Mar,2022 MHLW Third-class Medical devices marketing authorization holder for General medical device(Class I)
Jul,2022 We have acquired the specially controlled medical devices.
Aug,2023 Aug. 1 ISO13485:2016
Oct,2023 MHLW First –class Medical device marketing authorization holder for highly controlled medical device
Jan,2024 Part of the website has been renewed